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Meet Your Mayor.

Ryan LeDay Williams

Mayor Ryan LeDay Williams.jpg
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Meet Your Elected Officials.

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Meet the City of Ville Platte's dedicated and passionate team of professionals committed to providing excellent services to the citizens of our community. With a diverse range of expertise, the City of Ville Platte team is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of our residents and visitors.

Councilwoman Faye Lemoine

District A

Councilman Shawn Roy

District D

Police Chief Al Perry Thomas.jpg

Al Perry Thomas

Police Chief

Councilwoman Anna Frank

District B

Councilwoman Christina Sam

District E

City Marshal Nicole Snoddy.JPG

Nicole Snoddy

City Marshal

Councilman Tracey Jagneaux

District C

Councilman Bryant Riggs

District F

City Judge Greg Vidrine.jpg

Greg Vidrine

City Judge

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Monthly Council Meetings

The City of Ville Platte is committed to keeping citizens informed on local government news and events. Our monthly council meetings are open to the public, and the agenda and minutes for each meeting are posted on our website for everyone to have access to.

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City Ordinances 

The City of Ville Platte is a vibrant and growing community located in the heart of Louisiana. We strive to be a safe and well-run city while providing our citizens with the highest quality of life. Our government operates with transparency and accountability, and we are committed to upholding our city ordinances.

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Meet Your City Officials.

Accountable. Efficient. Inclusive.

At the City of Ville Platte, we are proud to have a dedicated team of officials who are committed to standing up for our community and providing the best services possible.  We believe in open communication and collaboration and are always available to discuss any ideas or concerns that our citizens may have.

City Attorney Chris Ludeau.jpg

Chris Ludeau

City Attorney

Fire Chief Chris Soileau.jpg

Chris Soileau

Fire Chief

City Prosecutor Deidra Godfrey.jpg

Deidra Godfrey

City Prosecutor

City Clerk Donald Bergeron.jpg

Donald Bergeron

City Clerk; Tax Collector

City Engineer Ronnie Landrendeau.JPG

Ronnie Landrendeau

City Engineer

Section 8 Executive Director Tremeca LeDay.jpg

Tremeca LeDay

Section 8 Executive Director

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