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EPA regulations require that all community water systems prepare and provide to their customers annual consumer confidence reports ("CCRs") on the quality of the water delivered by the systems.

Consumer Confidence Report

Jennifer Vidrine,Mayor

Ville Platte on the move

​(337) 363-4505

Business hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 P.M. Monday - Friday

water/ sewer services with the City of Ville Platte

Water Deposit

   Deposit - $250.00

      Fees includes:   Water:           $200.00

                                Connection:      25.00

                                Sewer service:  25.00

Two forms of ID: Social Security Card & pictured Identification.

Proof of occupancy: IF RENTING, Official Lease Agreement is needed with Name of Landlord, address of service, home number, cell number, Business number. IF OWNED, bill of sale is needed identifying the homeowner.



Center for Environment Health

Department of Health & Hospitals (DHH)
About Sanitarian Services Sanitarian Services is primarily occupied with enforcing laws, rules and regulations for maintaining and promoting community hygiene; however they are increasingly orienting themselves to accomplishing their goals by education, enlightenment, and persuasion. Sanitarians are more concerned with the development of sanitary standards and technical aspects of engineering, construction, and supervision of operators or various facilities and techniques which are basically design entities and which are conducted toward improvement of living conditions in communities. Knowledge has so advanced our understanding of environmental hygiene that virtually every entity in our environment has come under the scrutiny of public health.

Water / sewer


The City of Ville Platte provide clean and safe drinking water for the Citizens of Ville Platte complying with Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals (DHH) rules and regulations.   

DHH's safe Drinking Water Program provides comprehensive drinking water protection to the citizens and visitors of Louisiana supervising 1,403 public water systems for compliance with state and federal drinking water regulations.  The Safe Drinking Water Program objective is to prevent illness and death that can occur from waterborne disease outbreaks or chemical exposure associated with contaminated drinking water. The Safe Drinking Water Program accomplishes this objective by the activities listed below.

  • Monitoring: Collection, analysis and review of bacteriological and chemical samples to ensure compliance with maximum contaminant levels, treatment technique requirements, monitoring and analytical requirements.
  • Inspections: Sanitary surveys and site inspections are conducted to evaluate the capability of a drinking water system to consistently and reliably deliver an adequate quality and quantity of safe drinking water to the consumer and to ensure compliance with state and federal drinking water regulations.
  • Engineering Plan Review: Conducts reviews of and issues permits for new construction and modification of public water systems including the source, treatment, storage and distribution facilities to ensure the quality and protection of drinking water.

Utility services