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Designed by: Shountilez L. Williams, City Clerk

It is a pleasure and an honor to serve as your Mayor of the City of Ville Platte, LA. I am committing myself to being a full-time mayor for you. “It’s definitely a 24/7 job,” but I love dedicating my time making Ville Platte a better place to live. One of my main goals is to improve the quality of 

                                             Ville Platte residents.

                                              This city and its people are always on my mind. Everywhere I visit and all the different things I see, I am always

                                              thinking, how can we bring this to Ville Platte? How can we make this a happier place? I am always thinking how we

                                              can make Ville Platte a better place for the people. I am always thinking about the children and young people. How we

                                              need to bring recreational programs for them. That’s why we are working so hard to bring a Boys and Girls Club here.

                                              I am always thinking about the elderly. Do they feel safe? Are they ok? I am always thinking about the working people.

                                              How can we enhance their family life? I think about the people who are not working. How can we bring jobs here? How can we train people to be job ready? I think about the poor people. How can we make their lives easier? I think about the retirees. What projects can we find for them to participate in and contribute to the community? I think about the business community. What can we do to enhance business for business owners?

With prayers and dedication, I believe I have accomplished a lot as mayor, along with the assistance of the city council, with the first accomplishment being a revamping of the purchase order system, which saved the city 10’s of thousands of dollars by adding accountability to expenditures. With these funds saved, it allowed the city to issue significant raises for both firefighters and police. Partnering with United Way, I was able to start a yearly income tax preparation service so that the citizens of Ville Platte can get their tax prepared for free. Also, during the first three months as Mayor, I opened the Utility payment drive-thru window for the convenience of citizens to pay their utility bills.

I am committed to keeping you safe. That is why I am going to continue to fight for the walking curfew. The walking curfew decreased crime by over 60 percent in the city. I thank you for supporting me as a community when a lawsuit was filed against the city due to the curfew. I heard you and I will be your voice when battling for what is right for the citizens of this great city. In my efforts to administratively help protect and serve our citizens, the city was also able to purchase five police units, two of which have state-of-the-art radio systems.

Another major undertaking of keeping you safe is my increased efforts into ridding the city of abandoned and overgrown property. We have to clean up this city if we want to move forward in the area of economic development and the growth of this city. I am dedicated and devoted to peaceful neighborhoods. The city began adopting stricter ordinances for loud music, slabbing and requiring those walking the streets after dusk to wear reflective gear. Soon, the city will be erecting signs that warn against slabbing and loud music. There have been some resistance to these programs and I know there will be resistance to other programs and policies, but I will not give up. “I will continue fighting for what is right.”

Because of your Love and loyalty to the city, I was encourage to bring joy to children and thrill to adults by bringing Christmas back to Ville Platte. It was a delight to have lights strung along the Main Street, light up City Hall and the downtown square park. What excited me the most is when you were excited about that 37-foot Christmas tree. I felt your joy when the tree was escorted in to the city and when the tree was planted. The lighting of the Christmas tree ceremony was a delightful moment. “Morale was up for the first time in a long time, it brought unity to the city, and love was shared among the citizens.” Again, I heard you and I will continue to bring joy and happiness to your hearts.

Another major task that I will continue fighting for you is the cracking down on those who steal gas and water utilities. So far, over 100 people have been caught and charged with water and gas theft and the city will continue working on finding more. In addition to cracking down on utility thefts, the city also began cracking down on delinquent bills and enforcing policies that were already in place, shutting off services in a timely fashion for those who do not pay. “We’ve gotten a handle on it now, but there’s still a lot work to do. I am up for the CHALLENGE!!!

To better serve the citizens of Ville Platte, smart meters will be installed, which will send utility usage readings directly to city hall. This will provide a more accurate reading of water and gas usage allowing city workers to monitor your utility usage every hour. We will be able to let you know there is excessive use before your bill get too high. This instrument will make work easier for city workers and life better for the citizens.

For cleaner and better water, I added phase two of the city’s ongoing water renovation project. Phase two consists of replacing all the water lines in the city, many of which are approaching 80 years old.

Other accomplishments include: the purchase of new computers for Ville Platte City Hall; random drug testing program for city employees; giving away 10,000 daffodil bulbs to beautify the city; gas accountability for city vehicles; becoming one of only eight cities completing the Ready City Challenge for economic development; and the use of the city’s message alert system, which I used 196 times to keep you informed of what is going on in the city.

In the future, my goals are to bring a movie theater, bowling alley and even a water park to this area for your entertainment.

Patience is not a virtue of mine. I’m still not satisfied. I want more and I want bigger and I want to see big results for you. I know you are depending on me to help move Ville Platte forward. I will continue to fight to enhance the quality of services and of life here in Ville Platte. I will work hard in my continuous efforts to enhance people’s lives.

Everything that was accomplished this past year, I didn’t do it alone. I had the approval of the city council and I really appreciate it. I had the cooperation of the city workers and I appreciate that. Everything that was accomplished was a team effort of all of us working together to make it happen.

What I really treasure and what is really dear to my heart is the love, support, confidence, cards, letters, phone calls and prayers the people of Ville Platte have shown me on a daily basis. I will forever be grateful for their gratification. Your prayers are working! The Lord hears your prayers. That’s why I love the people of Ville Platte so much and I will work hard to make this a better place.

I also want to thank the city council members for all of their support this past year, with all my heart. It has been great working with all of them. They are a great group of men!

I would finally like to thank the staff inside city hall and the outside city workers for all of their hard work, especially for putting up the Christmas decorations. They worked really hard.

I have no intention of slowing down anytime soon, and I am prepared and willing for the challenge. There is a lot of hard work left to do. But, as Pop always told me, "When you’re doing it out of love, it’s no trouble at all."

Jennifer Vidrine, Mayor

Moving Ville Platte Forward