City of Ville Platte

TESTING AGAIN! More COVID-19 Testing MONDAY-May 18th in Ville Platte-Thank You Jesus! At the Northside Civic Center from 10am-12pm for ANYONE, with or without symptoms! All you have to do is call 337-678-9000 & register TODAY-Friday, so you will be ready to test Monday. Drive-Thru Mobile Testing by Southwest Primary Health Care Center. You do not get out of your vehicle! NO COST AT ALL-Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, No Insurance-NO COST! GET TESTED so you will know whether you have the virus or not. GET TESTED to protect your life and the lives of people you love! In some States & Cities, people are dying trying & waiting to get tested. We have it for you right here-close to you FOR YOU! FOR ANYONE! PLEASE GET TESTED! GET TESTED! The more we get tested, the faster we will get to Phase One of Re-Opening! Sadly and with a heavy heart, we now have one death in our parish from COVID-19. Prayers for the family. Friday, May 1st- 51 COVID-19 cases. 0ur numbers going up. Testing results still coming in from last Friday’s testing.
Ville Platte is following the Governor’s extended Stay-At-Home Order until May 15! Please continue to Stay Home! Get out only when necessary. Wear a Mask! The CURFEW is still in effect until further notice! Employers MUST WEAR MASKS! Nail shops, hair salons, barber shops, tattoo parlors, gyms, etc. as before remain close until May 15! Come on Y’all, let’s hold on for 15 more days! WE CAN MAKE IT! LET’S DO WHAT WE NEED TO DO NOW, SO WE CAN DO WHAT WE WANT TO DO LATER! PRAY WITHOUT CEASING-God will give us the Strength, the Good Sense and the Good Understanding to hold on for 15 more days! PRAYER CHANGES THINGS & PEOPLE! Mayor Jennifer Vidrine.

If you need information about applying for SNAP, Unemployment, or other information, call 211


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