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VILLE PLATTE-Starting TOMORROW-Wednesday-ALL GROCERY STORES WILL BE LIMITING THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN THE STORE AT ONE TIME, until further notice! This includes Walmart, Champagne’s, Teet’s, Paul’s, B&S, Cheap & Best, Chad’s Auto Stop, General Dollars, Family Dollars, Dollar Tree, Ace Hardware, Industrial Supply, A&A, Exxon, Old L&V, & others. ONE(1) PERSON-ONE(1) BUGGY! DO NOT BRING THE ENTIRE FAMILY TO THE STORE! THIS IS TO PROTECT YOU, THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE & OTHERS FROM THE CORONAVIRUS! Champagne’s, Paul’s & Teet’s will bring your groceries to your car, if you call ahead. Please Cooperate. Be Patient. Everyone does not need to go to the store on the same day at the same time. Y’ALL, Don’t Get Angry, Don’t Cut Up, Don’t Make a Scene-because the POLICE will be called. We CANNOT be in the stores all on top of each other because the VIRUS WILL SPREAD! Please THANK the store owners for agreeing to do this-because they love their customers, their employees & the citizens. Let’s Do This Together & Protect Each Other Together! Let’s Be Good Christians, Good Neighbors & Good Ville Platte Human Beings! DON’T PANIC! WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER! PRAY WITHOUT CEASING! Mayor Jennifer Vidrine.

If you need information about applying for SNAP, Unemployment, or other information, call 211

To get pre-screened for COVID-19 over the phone, call 534-TEST (8378) or 291-8200


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