City of Ville Platte is a city of LOVE, WISDOM, & UNITY that is moving "Forward" with Good People, Good Food, & Good Times!

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It is a pleasure and an honor to serve as your Mayor of the City of Ville Platte, LA. I am committing myself to being a full-time mayor

City of Ville Platte code of ordinances. Click here to read the ordinances for your city.

City of Ville Platte monthly city council meeting is held the second Tuesday of every month

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City Clerk

P.O. Box 390

Ville Platte, LA 70586

Business Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

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Jennifer Vidrine, Mayor

For your trash & garbage pick, call Evangeline Solid Waste Commission

(337) 363-7995 or (337) 363-7254

 P. O. Box 390     126 East Main Street     Ville Platte, LA 70586          Main: (337) 363-2939  Emergency: (337) 363-3763 

CITY OF VILLE PLATTE-BOIL ADVISORY-Due to a power failure, we are under a Boil Advisory until further notice. Once Boil Advisory is lifted, we will notify you. We do apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Pray Without Ceasing!
Mayor Jennifer Vidrine.

VILLE PLATTE HURRICANE IDA SUPPLY DRIVE & DELIVERY to GRAND ISLE, GOLDEN MEADOW & LOCKPORT! A BIG LOVING THANK YOU to ALL of you who donated. Our donations brought smiles and tears of gratitude! Team Ville Platte-Stronger Together (City staff & Fire Dept.) delivered 4 TRUCK LOADS OF SUPPLIES! Y’all, it could have been us. THANK YOU JESUS FOR SPARRING US ONE MORE TIME! It felt good making them feel good to know they were not alone! They are still without power. We are asking for monetary donations to buy generators & AC window units! Please make checks payable to: Ville Platte Disaster Fund, P. O, Box 390, Ville Platte, LA 70586 or drop in the drive thru or drop box at city hall. Below are pics from the supply drive, the delivery & the Hurricane devastation! Pray Without Ceasing! Love, Mayor Jennifer Vidrine

Mayor Jennifer Vidrine planning for Pocket Parks

in the City of Ville Platte

Public Spaces Survey

Ville Platte has received a grant to create a number of new public spaces, including a gazebo near City Hall and several small "pocket parks" to be installed in neighborhoods across the city.  Please help us make the most of this great opportunity by sharing your thoughts in the following quick survey.

Get involved with the planning of the pocket parks by taking the survey.  Your thoughts are important to design a pocket park unique to your neighborhood.  Click here to start the survey.  Mayor Vidrine wants to hear from you.


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Events & Announcements

Call: 1-844-503-7283

Fax: 1-844-403-7283

Sight: Liquid pools, discolored or abnormally dry soil, continuous bubbling in wet or flooded areas, an oily sheen on water surfaces, and vaporous fogs or blowing dirt around a pipeline area can all be indicative of a pipeline leak. Dead or discolored plants in an otherwise healthy area of vegetation or frozen ground in warm weather are other possible signs.
Sound: Volume can range from a quiet hissing to a loud roar depending on the size of the leak.
Smell: An unusual smell, petroleum odor, a smell of rotten egg, or gaseous odor will sometimes accompany a pipeline leak. Natural gas is odorless and remains so during transit to the distribution facilities where odorants are added to the gas to impart a distinct odor.